Webinar Recording | Employee Experience Platforms Take Off: Enter Applaud

Published by Applaud

Employee experience has become a very important but complex challenge for HR leaders over the past two years. Adding to this, most HR tools are rarely designed with your workforce in mind.

Considering that employees are expected to use multiple HR tools to carry out their daily tasks, organizations are now looking for a solution to help create a seamless digital employee experience. Enter Applaud.

Be the first to hear about Josh Bersin's upcoming report on how businesses are using Applaud to tackle employee experience in a  discussion with Duncan Casemore, Co-Founder and CTO of Applaud.  We'll  take a closer look at the consequences of a fragmented employee experience and how the right technology can come to the rescue.

Join Duncan and Josh for a fireside chat to find out:

  • If your current employee experience is fit for today’s workforce
  • What to look for in an employee experience platform like Applaud
  • How Experian and a major government department in the UK are using Applaud to transform their employee experience

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